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Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse with HERO Sensor and Tunable Weights

Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse with HERO Sensor and Tunable Weights
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Lightspeed Wireless
Maximum dpi
16000 dpi
Mouse Adjustable Weight
2 x 4g, 4 x 2g
Scrolling Capability
Tilt Wheel

OS / System Requirement

Operating System Supported
Windows 7 or later
macOS 10.11 or later
Chrome OS
System Requirement
USB port
Internet access for Logitech G HUB software download


An icon among gamers, the G502 has topped the charts through every generation launched. The new G502 KIGHTSPEED honors the original by keeping the shape and layout unchanged. However the internet structure and nearly every component has been meticulously redesigned to accommodate LIGHTSPEED and POWERPLAY technologies. The G502 LIGHTSPEED uses advanced thin wal design as low as 1.2 mmand an internal endoskeleton structure to reduce weight and support advanced wireless technologies, including LIGHTSPEED wireless, the HERO 16K sensor, and POWERPLAY compatibility. The result is a G502 that looks and feels identical to the original but is updated in every way, while also delivering a weight reduction of 7 grams.

The LIGHTSPEED ecosystem of wireless technologies are trusted by esports prfessionals to deliver pro-grade, ultra-fast and reliable gaming performance.

HERO 16K sensor is a next-generation gaming sensor capcable of achieving 400+ IPS tracking speed across the entire 16,000 dpi range and up to 10X the power efficiency compared to previous generations. The result is our highest performance and most responsive gaming sensor to date, which also allows for lower overall base weight due to a super efficient battery size and performance ratio.

G502 LIGHTSPEED is fully equipped with 11 programmable buttons. In G502 LIGHTWPEED, both primary buttons now feature metal-spring tensioning for fast, crisp actuation feel and performance. Customize keybinds and macros, for each game and app, via Logitech G HUB software. Hyper-fast scroll wheel spins freely for fast, fluid scrollig and locks into place for standard notched scrolling.

The included six adjustable weights can be arranged in a wide variety of configurations inside the G502 to customize the weight and balance of your mouse. This will give you a precision-tuned experience feel for optimal pixel tracking and targeting in your game.

Package Contents

Package Contents
Gaming Mouse 
LIGHTSPEED wireless receiver 
Receiver extension adapter 
Charging/data cable 
Accessory box 
4 x 2g Weights 
2 x 4g Weights 
User documentation

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