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Brand: amd Model: 100-000000151
2,500.00 EGP
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AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 4650G 3.7GHz 6-Cores CPU AM4 Socket Processor +  A Wraith Stealth
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Brand: amd Model: 100-000000143
# of CPU Cores: 6# of Threads: 12# of GPU Cores: 7Base Clock: 3.7GHzMax Boost Clock: Up to 4.2GHzTotal L1 Cache: 384KBTotal L2 Cache: 3MBTotal L3 Cache: 8MBUnlocked: NoCMOS: TSMC 7nm FinFETPackage: AM4PCI Express® Version: PCIe® 3.0Default TDP / TDP: 65WCtdp: 45-65WMax Temps: 95°C*OS Support: Window..
3,300.00 EGP 3,800.00 EGP
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Brand: amd Model: 100-100000065BOX
ModelBrandAMDProcessors TypeDesktopSeriesRyzen 5 5000 SeriesNameRyzen 5 5600XModel100-100000065BOXDetailsCPU Socket Type Socket AM4# of Cores 6-Core# of Threads 12Operating Frequency 3.7 GHzMax Turbo Frequency 4.6 GHzL2 Cache 3MBL3 Cache 32MBManufacturing Tech ..
5,800.00 EGP
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Brand: amd Model: 100-100000063WOF
BrandAMDProcessors TypeDesktopSeriesRyzen 7 5000 SeriesNameRyzen 7 5800XModel100-100000063WOFDetailsCPU Socket Type Socket AM4# of Cores 8-Core# of Threads 16Operating Frequency 3.8 GHzMax Turbo Frequency 4.7 GHzL2 Cache 4MBL3 Cache 32MBManufacturing Tech 7nm6..
8,500.00 EGP
Ex Tax:8,500.00 EGP
Brand: amd Model: 100-100000061WOF
BrandAMDProcessors TypeDesktopSeriesRyzen 9 5000 SeriesNameRyzen 9 5900XModel100-100000061WOFDetailsCPU Socket Type Socket AM4# of Cores 12-Core# of Threads 24Operating Frequency 3.7 GHzMax Turbo Frequency 4.8 GHzL2 Cache 6MBL3 Cache 64MBManufacturing Tech 7nm..
11,000.00 EGP
Ex Tax:11,000.00 EGP
Brand: amd Model: 100-100000059WOF
BrandAMDProcessors TypeDesktopSeriesRyzen 9 5000 SeriesNameRyzen 9 5950XModel100-100000059WOFDetailsCPU Socket Type Socket AM4# of Cores 16-Core# of Threads 32Operating Frequency 3.4 GHzMax Turbo Frequency 4.9 GHzL2 Cache 8MBL3 Cache 64MBManufacturing Tech 7nm..
16,200.00 EGP
Ex Tax:16,200.00 EGP
Brand: amd Model: 100-100000158CBX
ModelBrandAMDProcessors TypeDesktopSeriesRyzen 5 3rd GenNameRyzen 5 3500XModel100-100000158CBXDetailsCPU Socket Type Socket AM4# of Cores 6-Core# of Threads 6Operating Frequency 3.6 GHzMax Turbo Frequency 4.1GHzL1 Cache 384KBL2 Cache 3MBL3 Cache 32MBManufactur..
2,750.00 EGP
Ex Tax:2,750.00 EGP
Brand: amd Model: 100-100000284BOX
BrandAMDProcessors TypeDesktopSeriesRyzen 3 3rd GenNameRyzen 3 3100Model100-100000284BOXDetailsCPU Socket TypeSocket AM4# of CoresQuad-CoreOperating Frequency3.9 GHzL3 Cache18MBThermal Design Power65WCooling DeviceWraith Stealth cooler..
1,950.00 EGP
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AMD Ryzen 3 3300X Quad-Core 3.8 GHz Socket AM4 65W 100-100000159BOX Desktop Processor
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Brand: amd Model: 100-100000159BOX
BrandAMDSeriesRyzen 3 3rd GenNameRyzen 3 3300XModel100-100000159BOXDetailsCPU Socket TypeSocket AM4# of CoresQuad-Core# of Threads8Operating Frequency3.8 GHzMax Turbo FrequencyUp to 4.3 GHzL1 Cache256KBL2 Cache2MBL3 Cache16MBManufacturing Tech7nmMemory TypesDDR4 3200PCI Express Revision4.0Thermal De..
2,350.00 EGP
Ex Tax:2,350.00 EGP
Brand: amd Model: 100-100000277WOF
BrandAMDProcessors TypeDesktopSeriesRyzen 9 3rd GenNameRyzen 9 3900XTModel100-100000277WOFDetailsCPU Socket TypeSocket AM4# of Cores12-Core# of Threads24Operating Frequency3.8 GHzMax Turbo Frequency4.7 GHzL2 Cache6MBL3 Cache64MBManufacturing Tech7nmMemory TypesDDR4 3200PCI Express Revision4.0Thermal..
9,000.00 EGP
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Brand: amd Model: YD1600BBAFBOX
BrandAMDProcessors TypeDesktopSeriesRyzen 5NameRyzen 5 1600ModelYD1600BBAFBOXDetailsCPU Socket TypeSocket AM4# of Cores6-Core# of Threads12Operating Frequency3.2 GHzMax Turbo FrequencyUp to 3.6 GHzL1 Cache576KBL2 Cache3MBL3 Cache16MBManufacturing Tech12nm64-Bit SupportYesMemory TypesDDR4 2667Memory ..
2,450.00 EGP
Ex Tax:2,450.00 EGP
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