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HEC Cougar CMX 700W PSU

HEC Cougar CMX 700W PSU
HEC Cougar CMX 700W PSU
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  • Model: HEC Cougar CMX 700W PSU
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Up to 89% of efficiency, compliant with 80-PLUS® Bronze efficiency requirement Supports the newest specifications of ATX12V Created for usage with current and next-generation multi-core CPU platformsSupport PCI Express 2.0 next-generation graphic card with 8(6+2)pin PCI-E connectorCOUGAR® use highest durable 105°C Japanese capacitors provide uncompromised performance and reliability, delivering 4 times the lifespan of conventional 85°C rated capacitorsHDB (HYDRO-Dynamic Bearing) 140mm FanAutomatic dynamic load distribution on multi-12V line to provide power separatly to the GPU and the CPU.The modular cables that reduce air friction help maximize airflow through the PC caseSUPPORTS THE ENERGY STAR 5.0 ACTIVE PFC

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